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400W Uniform PPFD Grow Light

Being our flagship product, Ivy is a highly efficient and highly durable grow light that targets commercial greenhouses and professional grow applications. Ivy is configurable and comes with different power options.

Depending on the length of IVY modules, the final fixture can have several dimension and power options like below;

-100cmx60cm, 400W(2 x 200W module)

-100cmx90cm, 600W(3 x 200W module)

-100cmx120cm, 800W(4 x 200W module)

These options are specifically provided to make Ivy suitable for every commercial greenhouse, hobby garden or grow tent.

Hardworking LED's on Ivy are operating without getting excessively hot like most competitors products, thanks to a more efficient heat dissipation system with aluminum injection passive cooling chasis. 

With its optimal spectrum, high PPFD output and IP67 rating, Ivy makes sure you can harvest the highest quality products, for many years. With flexible control input options, Ivy is the perfect choice for greenhouses that operate with automation.

Dimensions: 69x21x9 cm

Weight: 18.5 kg

Power: 300W-450W-600W-800W

Coverage: 60cmx90cm(2'x3')-120cmx120cm(4'x4')

Maximum PPFD: 2400 umol/s^2/m^2 @45 cm

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