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About LED Wisdom full-spectrum grow lights and the use of carbon dioxide

Updated: May 16, 2021

Although there are many levels of breeding from hobby to professional today, the first thing to do to get the most efficient and successful results is to understand the basics. Agricultural practices in a growing area isolated from the outside world are not a big challenge. But in this perfect growing environment, the main factors that the most skillful growers pay attention to are plant training, irrigation, feeding, lighting and carbon dioxide. As LEDWisdom, we are aware that all of these factors must have optimum values.

The unit that helps us to understand how good our lighting is or not, is defined as PPFD and is measured with a quantum PAR sensor. We measure PPM values ​​with the EC meter to understand the density of the mixture you will prepare while feeding our plants, and the air quality meter to understand the carbon dioxide density in our growing area. We don't intend to waste your time by discussing how much harvest you can lose if these values ​​are far from optimum. Providing your plants with crucial factors such as light, food and water is among your basic obligations, but since carbon dioxide is already present in the air we breathe, it is not a factor to be considered as much for growers as other factors.

Approximately 450-600 PPM of carbon dioxide is expected in the air we breathe with our plants. Plants are known to grow more efficiently at much higher carbon dioxide levels, and the most skilled growers achieve the heaviest harvest and highest quality by increasing the temperature above 30 degrees Celsius at carbon dioxide levels around 1000-1200 PPM at least during the first three weeks of their crop yields.

So why should you pay attention to the use of carbon dioxide? First of all, carbon dioxide concentration above a certain amount for your plants can have negative and irreparable consequences for plant growth and health. Before considering adding a carbon dioxide generating system to your growing areas, you need to review all of the key factors we mentioned above and increase not only the amount of carbon dioxide, but proportionally all of the key factors we have mentioned. In a situation where your plant grow lamp cannot provide your crops with the highest quality and amount of light, the carbon dioxide system will not contribute to harvest or crop quality. Likewise, if your plant growing lamp is only strong enough to light your canopy and its penetration capacity is not at the highest levels like LEDWisdom products, not all parts of your plants will benefit from carbon dioxide and will not contribute to the photosynthesis speed of your plant. Thus, while working for the most efficient results with the use of carbon dioxide, no benefit will be achieved and a waste of money and time will be caused.

All LEDWisdom grow lights are designed using a recipe to suit the specific needs of professionals, and if you own an LEDWisdom grow lamp, you will have no questions about the lighting in your garden for many years to come. With our specially designed lenses and wonderful full-spectrum LEDs, we exceed the PPFD values ​​of other plant growing lamps for your plants and introduce you to real power. If you want to have power, efficiency and durability at the same time thanks to our unique design where the highest quality components meet, forget all the so-called "alternatives" in your mind. Get a LEDWisdom grow lamp today and start enjoying the long-deserved results right away.

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