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LEDWisdom WB340-R PPFD Test Results and Map

Updated: May 17, 2021

We are now sharing the PPFD measurements of our LED grow light, whose spectrum measurements have also been revealed recently. The values ​​are more than enough for you to achieve top horticultural quality and are sufficient to guarantee the highest harvests. We recorded our PPFD measurements in an environment without reflective walls and isolated from any other light source. The WB340-R consumed 342W in measurements were taken from 45cm, 60cm and 90cm distances. All tests were conducted without reflective walls in the measurement area. For this reason, higher values ​​should be expected in hobby gardens with small areas and reflective walls.

The data ​​we read in the measurements made from a distance of 90 cm can be taken as reference for high ceiling greenhouses. When the WB340-R, which we designed as an overhead lighting module, is used in high quantities, it prevents your greenhouse from being deprived of light in indoor and cloudy weather and offers a perfect season at all times.

Measurements made from 60 cm can be taken as a reference for low ceiling greenhouses, grow tents and hobby gardens. Most plants need light from 500-600 micro moles and below. As an exception to these plants, we can show the high yield strawberries with 900 micro moles. As LEDWisdom, we aim to ensure that all our customers reach the highest quality and harvest by producing lighting fixtures that are sufficient for all plant species.

Measurements made from 45cm should be taken as a reference for wide shelf vertical gardens, hobby gardens and applications that require high light. As the distance between fixtures and plants gets shorter, air conditioning possibilities should be reviewed. The WB340-R was tested at distances closer than 45cm and did not cause any negative effects on plants. But as you can see, it would be meaningless to bring the WB340-R grow lamp closer than 40cm to your plants, even under perfect conditions. You can contact us or view our other products for vertical farming if you need a shorter distance between lamps and the canopy.

Don't forget to provide environmental conditions that will enable your plants to use these PPFD values ​​efficiently when you are doing greenhouse or gardening with plant growing lamps that provide high PPFD. Good results, despite the high PPFD, should not be expected if the required water, nutrient, temperature, humidity and CO2 level are not provided. A good light source is one of the most crucial and most costly part of a grow that you can provide your plants for use in photosynthesis. Setting this foundation firmly will return you a great harvest and quality in every agricultural practice where you can keep other conditions above average.

We wish some of our suggestions for the WB340-R grow lamp and PPFD maps could be of assistance to all readers. You can contact us to meet our new models that we will specially design for you to get the best results in all your projects.

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