50W-75W-100W Full-Spectrum LED propagation and vertical farming strip

Clover is an aluminum cased linear lighting strip that provides full-spectrum lighting with optional 660nm deep red boost. Clover has been tested on lots of different cases and provided amazing results each time. Clover comes in different sizes. Check the length and Watt paremeters below. All sizes have built in reflectors and have opaque cover on request. Clover is the perfect fit for vertical grow spaces and greenhouses as well as propagation areas. You can get as close as 20 cm to the the canopy. Contact us to find out how many full-spectrum Clover LED strips you need for your greenhouse or vertical garden.


LEDWisdom offers tested grow lights to avoid any doubt about lighting in your grow space. It is time for you to start growing like professionals do and take a huge leap in your garden with our LED grow strip: Clover.

Dimensions: (60-90-120)x6.5x7 cm

Weight: <0.5g

Power: 50W(60cm)-75W(90cm)-100W(120cm)

Coverage: 30cm x (60-90-120)

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