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-Are LEDWisdom grow lights only for professionals?

- As LEDWisdom we built the highest quality LED grow lights and all of our fixtures are fine tuned for professionals but they are essential for high efficiency in your hobby garden as well.

-What makes LEDWisdom grow lights special?

- All LEDWisdom horticultural lamps are designed and carefully built to produce the maximum amount of full spectrum light in the most efficient way. We build both budget and industrial grow lights.

-What does LEDWisdom offer that other grow lights don't?

- LEDWisdom offers a unique design for each product and uses the highest quality series of components that other manufacturers avoid due to high costs. All of our units are tested for success.

-What happens if my LEDWisdom units have issues in the future?

- All LEDWisdom units are covered with 3 years of warranty. We think it is very unlikely to have any problems with our units because we use powerful passive cooling and design our circuits to operate for 70.000 hours but in case our customers request, we will be offering board, lens and driver replacements or repairs for fair prices.

-What are LEDWisdom's payment and shipping policies?

- We collect mail orders and send our customers pro forma. After recieving payment, we start manufacturing and packaging your order. If you decide not to collect the pallets from the factory, we offer shipping methods and provide tracking information for your order. Our prices include domestic shipping. EU/US customers can contact us for the full price. 

-Does LEDWisdom offer distributorship opportunuties?

- We are always looking for more distributors all around the world. Our distributors are subject to special pricing and opportunities. We also offer equivalents to all our products without a brand name. Please contact us to learn more about distribution opportunuties and special pricing. 

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