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200W Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Rosette is a 200W top lighting fixture that provides full spectrum light with additional 660nm deep red boost, while featuring 90 degree lenses, top quality LED's and Meanwell drivers. Rosette has been tested on lots of different cases and provided amazing results each time. Mighty heatsink easily cools these hard working diodes as well as the driver itself. Rosette has its drivers on its side panel to increase thermal efficiency. Thanks to our lenses, we observed no light burn even in very small grow spaces. Suggested minimum height from the canopy is 40 cm. Rosette is the perfect fit for a 2'x2'(70x70cm) grow space. For experienced growers who are looking for the top results with CO2 supplementation, we suggest using two fixtures per half meter square at a distance of 50-65 cm from the canopy, depending on the growth stage that your plants in. 


LEDWisdom offers tested grow lights to avoid any doubt about lighting in your grow space. It is time for you to start growing like professionals do and take a huge leap in your garden with our best top grow lighting fixture: Rosette.

Dimensions: 35x21x6 cm

Weight: 4.2 kg

Power: 200W

Coverage: 2'x2' (70x70 cm)

Maximum PPFD: 901 umol/s^2/m^2 @45 cm

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