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A few words about CO2 and LEDWisdom full spectrum LED grow lights

Updated: May 6, 2021

Eventhough people cultivate their plants on many different levels, the most successful results can always be achieved with a complete knowledge on grow basics. To be fair, growing plants in an uncontaminated and controlled environment is not the hardest job around. Inside a finely built grow area, expert growers increase their yields and product quality by giving them enough care, water, feeding, light and CO2. As LEDWisdom, we agree that there is an optimal value for each of these factors that play major role on plant growth.

When it comes to lighting, we measure PPFD with quantum PAR sensors and see if our lights are bright enough for our valuable garden. When it comes to nutrients and CO2, we measure PPM, which indicates the density of your feeding solution or the CO2 density in the air, with air quality monitors and EC meters. There is no need to say that the losses on your valuable crop will be unaffordable if you can't provide your plants all of these factors at optimal levels. But thankfully, adding a CO2 system to your grow area is not a must like the rest because we already have CO2 all around us.

With all that being said, we must also mention that the master growers always use extra CO2 on first two to three weeks of their plants' blooming era to get the professional grade quality and yield. Plants can use high amounts of CO2. Usually the air around us can have 450-600 PPM of CO2 but this is not the optimal value for our plants. If you decide to install a CO2 system inside your grow area, optimal value on CO2 levels will be achieved but you'll also need to achieve an optimal PPFD value with your grow lights to make your plants use that extra CO2 for photosynthesis. Every major factor on plant growth should be in balance and when you want to boost one of these factors, you need to boost all of them together proportionally to observe the effects. If you are using very powerful and efficient grow lights like LEDWisdom grow lights, you'll benefit greatly from your CO2 investment in every possible way. Just remember to keep temperature over 30 degrees Celsius to make more CO2 available for your plants.

We are designing our LED grow lights to provide far more PPFD than required for an average plant growing in average conditions. Unlike LEDWisdom LED grow lights, most of the other LED grow lights have poor canopy penetration while transferring too much heat on your plant and they aren't fine tuned for advanced setups. LEDWisdom full spectrum LED grow lights are designed to power the most advanced horticultural applications as well as small hobby gardens in the most efficient and powerful way. If you are after the best results you can start with upgrading your grow lights to LEDWisdom and start enjoying the high yields and quality that you've been seeking forever.

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