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LEDWisdom Clover Vertical Lighting System Test Results

LEDWisdom Clover is a high efficiency LED lighting system designed for vertical farming applications where plants are illuminated at close range. It is offered to our customers with different recipes for many different plant species to be grown. You can contact us by phone or via the forms on product pages to determine and quote the lighting system required for your greenhouse or vertical farming application.

CCT stands for correlated color temperature and is expressed in Kelvin. is value. It represents the composition of wavelengths in the spectrum.

Standard spectrum values for Clover ​​are 6500K, 4000K+660nm or 4000K+730nm. However, Clover can be fully customized if requested by the client.

The CRI, or color rendering index, is a quantitative measure of a light source's ability to consistently display the colors of all materials compared to an ideal or natural light source. In environments where visibility is critical, such as nurseries, fashion stores and art galleries, light sources with a high CRI value, ie 90 CRI and above, are needed. Using high CRI grow lights in your greenhouse or indoor farming applications will likewise provide a clear view of all potential problems that may occur with plants. The fact that your employees can see the problems in the plants clearly will provide you both time and harvest yield.

Lux is the unit of illumination, but plants use PPFD when we measure how much light they need. Since this test we performed uses much longer distances than the PPFD tests, it is not possible to make a valid PPFD estimate for your plant growing area based on the Lux data we shared. PPFD values of our lighting systems are shared with video upon request. You can also find these values on the product pages or in our PPFD test articles.

As seen in our spectrum chart, all Clover recipes produce finely tuned full spectrum light and offer many benefits such as high efficiency. Maximize the quality and quantity of your harvest by meeting LEDWisdom lighting recipes.

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