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Professional grade horticultural LED fixture for smaller applications

This 150W fixture provides full spectrum light with 660nm deep red boost while featuring a unique design with 83 degree lenses, top quality LED's and OSRAM drivers. This fixture comes in full power but can be dimmed with OSRAM's wireless NFC interfaces, which is sold seperately by OSRAM. This product is tested on lots of different cases and provided amazing results each time. Mighty heatsink easily cools these hard working diodes as well as the driver itself. Thanks to our lenses, we observed no lightburn even in terribly small grow spaces where there is less than 20cm distance between the lenses and the plants. There is no suggested height for this fixture as you can figure it out very easily for yourselves. Lenses define a sharp border line between the illuminated and dark regions so as long as you keep your plants inside the illuminated region, you can forget everything else about lighting and focus on your garden. PPFD, temperature and coverage tests are proven with videos. It is time for you to start growing like professionals do and take a huge leap in your garden with the amazing

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